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There are currently over 30 highly qualified professional technicians and administrators working to maintain Wouxun's leading edge technology. our talented R&D department includes systems engineers, and hardware, software, and function designers.

All of the products we market meet or exceed the strict standards set by the State Radio Management Commission and have been fully certified. In addition, some of our product standards meet the United States military standards (MIL-STD-810F). Wouxun's two-way radio systems are certified to be sold all over the world. At present, we have CE and FCC certification for many of our products.

Wouxun has communication solutions for rapidly expanding domestic and foreign businesses, especially those involved in property management, construction, and public transportation. In addition, we are currently providing equipment for the domestic public security branch and other governmental organizations that have very strict quality requirements.

Wouxun owns the intellectual property rights to all its R&D products. In fact, several technological innovations have national patents. We have enjoyed great success in developing both hardware and software associated with our products. This has been made possible by using the most recent hardware developing systems, emulation systems, testing equipment, and sophisticated instruments for wireless communication (e.g. HP8921, Maconi2955, ADVANTEST, HP8752C [300KHz-3GHz]). Wouxun also has more than 20 sets of frequency spectrum and network analyzers and instruments equipped for high/low temperature and vibrant environment testing.

Wouxun's management team is justifiably proud of its talented R&D personnel, its state-of-the-art testing equipment, and its breadth of experience in the field of wireless communication. By constantly seeking perfection in product performance and customer satisfaction, our managers stand ready to meet the demands of present and potential customers. WOUXUN's hopes to create a win-win situation for all involved.

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