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Wouxun has set up a near perfect quality control system in accordance with the guidelines of "More Satisfaction", monitoring and controlling the entire system is carried out by our QC department which is keen on producing the finest product possible. Their role is to see that quality is maintained from the research stage, through the procurement of supplies, on to production standards, and finally to the finished product. as a result of their diligence, our company has received ISO9001:2000 certification.

QC of research: The designs for our products are in strict accordance with the International Industrial Standard and the U.S. Military Standard and follow a developing regulatory process.

QC of purchasing: Our company has developed a standard purchasing management system as well as an IQC testing room. by establishing long and stable relationships with quality suppliers (PANASONIC, FUJITSU, TDK, HITACHI, MITSUBISHI, ROHM, MURATA), Wouxun has been able to offer the best of the best to its customers.

QC of production: Our company has strictly regulated technical guidelines for production standards. this ensures that all products are produced on schedule at the highest quality possible. Sophisticated instruments are used to maintain quality control throughout the entire process. sample reliability tests must meet or exceed Wouxun's high standards. production staff members are encouraged to become more knowledgeable three ways: before joining the production line they receive training in the position they will fill; on the job (in-service) training and supervision; and specialized training opportunities are made available to those showing initiative and aptitude. By establishing and implementing an assessment system based on self-inspection, Wouxun encourages workers to take responsibility for their workmanship.

QC of the finished product: Our company has established procedures to meet the requirements of the various certificates (ISO9001:2000, CE, FCC, MIL-STD-150E) that dictate our standards. rigorous environmental tests play a large part in ensuring quality products for our customers.These include: functional lifetime expectancy tests; high/low temperature tests; temperature concussion tests; solar radiation tests; waterproofing tests; impact and shaking tests. In particular, Wouxun tests are in accordance with US-MIL-810C,D,E standards which guarantees that our products will be reliable in all kinds of working or playing situations. while we use the national technology standards as the base requirements for our products, we expect the following higher standards to be met:
1. The indexed margin between orders should be limited to 10%.
2. The indexed margin between different frequencies of the same product should be limited to 10%.
3. The indexed margin between different working temperatures of the same product should be limited to 10%.
4. The indexed fluctuation of the same product in 3 years should be limited to 10%.
5. The maintenance ratio of all products in 2 years should be less than 3%.

Quality control is an on-going, ever present part of what we do. Wouxun welcomes feedback from our customers and colleagues in order to make the best products possible.

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