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Wouxun Participate in 2015 Chinese Amateur Radio Emergency Communication Drills Match
The radio has developed over 100 years. It is fastest on 21st century. Many kinds of research and practice was come out as mushrooms. The 2015 Chinese Amateur radio emergency communication drills match which host by Chinese Sports General Administration of air control center, CRSA( Chinese Radio Sports Association), RAC(The Radio Association of China) and Xiamen Amateur radio Association was hold in GuanYinShan,Xiamen on 21st Nov. WOUXUN attend this drills match , as it have years of experiences in developing and application.
Radio emergency communication network provide Command and dispatch for earthquake, Field resource exploration and Group activities. It also provide guarantee for communication on vital meeting and Sports events. The Activity project of match originate from actual demand. There are APRS Technology application team event, Emergency communications station settle team event and Video and voice data transmission team event. After Keen competition for first place, the event is crowned with complete success. WOUXUN related staff exchanges with the competitor on APRS application and the details of Video and voice data transmission throughout the event. The good quality originates from practice. In order to develop high-end two way radios which keep pace with the times, WOUXUN is working hard with the ham all the time. The upcoming release KG-UV8D PLUS and KG-UV9D PLUS also reference the suggestion of users then updated.
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